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Kalanchoe flapjack

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Kalanchoe luciae/ thyrsiflora “flapjack”

The plump leaves of the perennial flapjack kalanchoe stack like little pancakes, hence the name. They are also known as paddle plant, desert cabbage and dog tongue. Once mature, this succulent can grow to a height of 2 feet and also tends to flower at maturity. Once flowers are spent, they can be pinched back (deadheaded) to encourage more blooms. 
*there are 2 species of Flapjack kalanchoe (the luciae and the thyrsiflora). It’s easiest to determine which one you have once it flowers. The flowers of luciae are white and slightly powdery looking. Meanwhile, the flowers of the thyrsiflora are yellow.

Size: 4” pots 

Light: full sun to partial shade
(if keeping plant indoors, best to place in bright, indirect light as intense light coming from a window may burn the leaves)

Water: Water when soil has thoroughly dried

Temperature: 16°C to 35°C