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Coontie Palm

Coontie Palm

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Zamia integrifolia

This interesting, slow growing evergreen plant is neither a fern nor a palm although it looks like a combof the two. It’s often referred to as a “coontie fern” or “coontie palm.” It is a member of the cycad family(produce cones). Grows up to 3’ tall and is great for that drafty spot of your home being that it is cold-tolerant (down to –1° C in containers), although it is best to give it a more tropical environment to thrive in. 
If replanting, use a sandy, well draining mix.

Size: 10" pots

Light: prefers bright, indirect; tolerates full sun to deep shade;

Watering: Allow to thoroughly dry between waterings


Temperature: 15° – 24° C

* can tolerate temperatures as low as –9° C if planted outdoors in the ground


**keep away from pets and small children. All parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested