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Assorted succulent bundles

Assorted succulent bundles

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Assorted species of succulents - echeveria, agavoides, and more! 3 different varieties will be included in each bundle; they will be randomly selected.

Have an event coming up? Save even more when you buy 100+ ($4 each). 
decorated $6.50 each

Succulents thrive in medium-high light; some direct light is ideal, keep close to a west or south window. As desert plants, allow soil to fully dry before watering (typically when the leaves start to look a little dehydrated or wrinkled)

Some varieties produce flowers when given enough light and during the growing season. If your succulent starts to etiolate (stretch), it needs more light. 


Size: 2.5”

Light: Bright light, sun

Water: Water when soil has thoroughly dried

Temperature: 16°C to 35°C